Say What?

What subscribers are saying about the Pixelated Palette:

  • Just wanted to tell you how much I love the projects you send to us each month in the pixelated palette.  Always look forward to receiving it and never know which one to start with.  I am not sure if I have paid for next year or not.  Please check and let me know. Looking forward to many more issues. Also love the new format, very easy to download and print off the entire issue or just the project you want to do.  ~Mary Ann D.

  • I don't want to miss any issues, I love the magazine.  Thanks for all your hard work. ~Connie V.

  • ..I want to thank you for a great magazine, yours is the best!  I just finished The Daisies and Johnny Jump- ups piece by Judy Ribitch and it came out great!!  ~Judy S.

  • You guys have outdone yourselves yet again. What a fabulous issue. You never disappoint! Always eager to get the next issue.  Thanks for all you do and continue to hit it out of the park!!!   ~Sue D.

  • Thank you again for the wonderful magazine, love the editorial as well. ~Charmaine B.
  •  I LOVE IT.....EXCELLENT MAGAZINE AGAIN...and this issue is just 110 % filled with projects that are adorable....Every project is stunning .  Thanks for another great issue and please thank all the artists for their great patterns for us to do.  I can not wait till Mays release date...  ~Patricia H.