About Us

The Pixelated Palette is a monthly digital magazine started in 2014 by Cupboard Distributing.

Owner, Chris Haughey

Andy Taylor and Bewitched are the two TV shows I recall from my childhood.  With only three stations to select on our black and white TV, I spent most of my time playing with crafts.  My older sister was an oil painter and I drooled over her supplies and talents.  In college I majored in Fine Art (Oil Painting), but soon found out that making a living by selling oil paintings was not all fun and games.  My biggest successes were selling in restaurants and furniture stores.  Even that came to a halt when expecting my first child, the odor from the turpentine was totally intolerable.  After the pitter patter of little feet went to school (BTW, oil and kids do not mix), I discovered the wonderful world of acrylic.  I have been an addict ever since!  My background in art continually encourages me to try new and exciting paints, mediums and techniques.  I absolutely love what I do and feel very blessed that I am able to design and share my wonderful world of art.

 Editor, Lindsey Applegate








I was born across the pond in England, the progeny of a proper British lady and a good ol' Kentucky boy.  I came to this country at the ripe old age of 3 months in a cardboard box (no fooling, ask my dad).  ;)  I married my high school sweetheart, John, in 2004 and while stationed at the US Naval base in Illinois, I was introduced to the wonderful world of paper crafting and mixed media.  After moving back home to Ohio, I started working at Cupboard Distributing in 2008. I live in Ohio with my husband and our 5 critters; two dogs, two kittens, and a very talkative parrot.  When I'm not crafting, you can usually find me with my nose in my Kindle reading, on an adventure, or at a Cincinnati Reds game. 

Assistant Editor, Susan Mynyk



Susan failed her first drawing class when she was just a young girl.  Sadly, as she struggled to draw the flipped edge of a leaf, her teacher bristled with impatience and asked:  “What’s wrong with you?”  That encounter left Susan devastated and she avoided all artistic expression until 18 years ago when she was introduced to Decorative Painting.  After several years of painting for pleasure, Susan enthusiastically signed up when the Society of Decorative Painters offered the Teacher Development Program.  This program was developed to improve the methodology for teaching decorative painting.  After a hundred hours of intense study and teaching, Susan was awarded the designation “Teacher of Decorative Art”. (TDA)    http://www.decorativepainters.org/

In the past, Susan was a frequent contributor to Quick & Easy Painting, Paintworks, and Paint it Today magazines.  Excited to be involved with online painting opportunities, Susan is an active member of several Facebook groups including:

Creative Innovations https://www.facebook.com/groups/834261376603641/ and 

Tole Painters Unite https://www.facebook.com/groups/2507225979/

Susan’s personal painting style is still evolving; she has recently begun exploring the addition of mixed media and stamping techniques with acrylic painting.  Look closely at her work and you will see her signature always includes the Scripture reference John 15:8.  “This is to my Fathers glory that you bear much fruit…”